CASS Student Travel Awards

CASS offers Student Travel Awards to enable the winners to present their research work at CASS-sponsored conferences and workshops. The amount of financial assistance provided to each student will be based on specifics of the travel involved and cannot exceed a maximum of $USD 1,500. These awards can be used both as a reimbursement of expenses for attending a conference that has taken place up to one year before the grant application deadline, and also as an grant for attending a conference that will take place up to one year after the grant application deadline.

Selection criteria for these Student Travel Awards: - Students receiving these awards must have had their papers selected for presentation at the CASS-sponsored conference(s) they plan to attend or have attended.

In the case of reimbursement for attending a conference that occurred before the application deadline, it is sufficient to confirm that the nominee:

  • was an undergraduate or graduate student at the time of the conference, and
  • is an IEEE CASS member and
  • was an IEEE CASS student member at the time of the conference.

- The nominee must furnish written proof that the paper was accepted at the conference (e.g. email notification from the Technical Program Committee). - The nominee must state in the application that he/she will attend or has attended the conference to present the paper. -Recipients must provide proof that they attended the conference and presented their paper. -In order to receive the award, the recipients will have to provide receipts and an expense report for their travel to the conference.

Nominations for this award will open mid-November 2018. Check this page frequently for detailed information regarding deadlines and award announcements.