NeuroCAS - Call for Posters

The research breadth of NeuroCAS 2018 workshop will be showcased in an informal evening poster session. ALL participants are invited to bring posters for presentation during the evening session. These can be of previous or recently published work (e.g. relevant posters from BioCAS 2018). It is essential to upload posters here (these can be updated up to one week before the workshop). 

Poster registration is required to: (1) Check all the posters are in scope, for "Circuits & Systems for Neurotechnology”; (2) reserve a slot in the evening session; (3) be included in materials shared with all participants.

The poster session will be on evening of Saturday, 20 October 2018, 18:30-21:30. Participants need to bring and mount their posters before 17:00. Each poster will be displayed on a 6’ (W) x 4’ (H) board.

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